How To Build Your Own Solar Panel

As we are developing in terms of technology, we are moving towards the age of renewable sources of energy, and the best source of renewable energy for your home which is affordable and efficient is solar energy. How to build your own solar panel.

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Solar Panels For Our Houses

For basic home energy sources, many questions will arise like how many solar panel do I need for my house. Let’s understand all the basic requirements for solar panel installation at your home.

Understand how to create a solar panel, a solar panel is focused mainly on solar cells which absorb sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. You should check all the components which will be used in the solar panel. Frames, connections, and materials used are also necessary.

Which of the following would not be a complementary asset for a solar panel manufacturer?

  •  Cracks in solar panels- the cracks will reduce energy generation.
  • Broken solar cells- such cells will damage solar panels.
  •  Dust- dust will reduce the life of solar panels.
  • Defective wiring- may cause a shock circuit.

We understood what necessary checks we should make for our solar panels and how solar panels work. Choosing a solar panel for our home is not a difficult task if you know about them well.

Choosing a solar panel for a house is a picky task but for a normal house with a rooftop or place where you can install solar panels basic solar panel service is enough.  A 100-watt solar panel is enough for a house with normal appliances.

What can a 100 watt solar panel run?

  • Lights
  • Fans
  • Wi-Fi
  • V
  • Toaster
  • Printer

The sizes of the solar panels are different, you can install one by the availability of the space you have. The sizes are different in different regions but you can have an idea of the size of a solar panel easily.

A 6×6 solar panel is as big as an average man or maybe a little taller. Let’s check the size of the solar panel according to your house.

What size solar panel does I need:

Solar panel size House with rooms
6×6 3 rooms
6×10 5-6 rooms
6×12 7-8 rooms

How can we make solar panels at home?

Making solar panels is no easy task but you can make a solar panel at home easily if you have skills and proper equipment and tools.

Solar panels work on the basic mechanism of converting solar energy into electrical energy. Thereby, you will need an element that converts solar energy into electrical energy. The best you can get is a solar cell.

You may think, are there any other options, and what is a solar panel made of? But in current scientific advancement, solar cells are only solar to electric energy converters which we can afford and are easily available in the market too.

Solar cells are made from different elements such as silicon, phosphorus, and boron. They are layered in such a manner that they will absorb more sunlight during the daytime. And such cells are called Photovoltaic cells.

You can use light-absorbing LEDs but they are more expensive than solar cells and can be damaged during harsh weather even though their efficiency is less in comparison to solar cells.

How to make a solar panel at home?

  • Open space

Solar panels are big thereby you will need a lot of space for them. Even if the availability of space is not enough you will require a proper space where sunlight is abundant during daylight. The best place to install a solar panel is the rooftop as you will get more light and animals would not damage your panels.

  • Create a frame for panels

Make a frame from a strong material that can face harsh weather and will support the weight of your solar panel too. Use an aluminum frame or wooden frame covered with a non-decaying metal solution sheet. These options are lightweight and strong. You can buy them from the market and make one at home.

  • Attach solar cells

After making a proper frame, now attach the solar cells. Remember your solar cells should be aligned perfectly in a straight line for more productivity. Buy enough cells according to the frame you made. Attach connection cells in the bottom as you will require than to connect with the energy source.

Stick solar cells with the paste of waterproof glue which is also available in the market, there are special glues made for solar panel installation.

  • Install electric connections

This is an important part of the process, checking all connections very well. Your circuit board should be of high quality. Wires used in panels should not have any holes in them as they will catch fire if there are any faulty wires. You connect very well to the electric board to your home.

Use earthing wire for sure in case of short-circuiting your house will be safe and would not cause damage to your home appliances.

We checked all the parts we need for solar panels and how to build one. If you are making a solar panel then it is a great opportunity for you to help the environment and save electricity. Such homemade solar panels are a great source of energy and you won’t need to pay installation charges.

Take help or advice from experts who build solar panels. Things can go wrong and your solar panels won’t work or just stop working after some time if not made properly.

Let’s check the most common questions people have when they build solar panels:

How to build your own solar panel?

Follow all the steps given above in the article. Buy all necessary components and parts which will be required to build solar panels. Don’t use LED-based solar cells because they are expensive and have less life than normal silicon solar cells.

Take precautions when building a solar panel and after making a successful solar panel maintaining a solar panel is also necessary. Keep dusting the panels and check for holes in solar cells if there are any then replace them.

How many solar panels do I need?

6×6 solar panels are enough for a normal size house. You can increase efficiency by installing small size panels but more in numbers. This will help you in increasing efficiency but making such panels will take more time and effort.

Factors that affect solar panel requirements

The most important factors to be considered when building a home are:

  • How will the house be used in the future?
  • How much space will the house occupy?
  • Will the house be occupied by family members or pets?
  • Can the windows be equipped with solar cells?

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