How To Make Your Own Solar Panel Complete Guide For Beginners

Solar panels are revolutionary aspects in the present time of renewable sources of energy. One can install panels at their home easily. For installing a solar panel there are some things that we should know before installing. Many people want to know how to make your own Solar Panel.

We will discuss questions like how many solar panels cost and what appliances we can run on the energy generated by your solar panel.

Are Solar Panels Safe?

Yes, they are completely safe. When installing you should check all the connections properly so there will be no short circuit.

The solar panels are not only safe but they also save electricity, your electricity bill will reduce by 70-80% after the installation of solar panels.

How To Make Your Own Solar Panel?

How to make your own Solar Panel? For making a solar panel you will find all the material in a hardware store. Solar panels are cost-efficient but you will need to understand how to make a solar panel.

You will need solar cells, a frame to stick those solar cells, a connection box, wire connections, and a battery of size depending upon how much power you need. These are basic things you will need to make solar panels. As you will build the solar panels you will need more things accordingly like stand, waterproof covering, etc.

How To Determine Which Solar Panel Is Good For You?

It is necessary to pre-determine the size of the panels and how many panels you will need for your place. There are also other aspects that you should take care of such as battery size and good wiring.

A 300 watt powered solar panel is normally enough for an office or small house. But how much power does a 300 watt solar panel produce? It also depends upon the panels and battery in which you store energy?

Other things you should also note such as, how much energy does one solar panel produce, on average one solar panel produces 2.5-kilowatt power per hour in bright day sunlight.

If your solar panel gets sunlight for 8 hours then your they will produce 20-kilowatt power daily easily. For this much power, you will require a battery to store the energy of 50 kilowatts at least to run electricity.

This amount is enough to run a house for 5-6 days without charge. You will be saving around electricity cost of 10000 rs in a single charge.

How Many Energy Need To Run Basic Appliances

You can run appliances such as fans, television,  air conditioner, vacuum cleaners, toasters, and computers easily. Let’s see how much energy it takes to run such appliances through solar power on a daily basis.

How many solar panel to run ac is a tricky question because you will need 10 panels of 100 watts energy to run ac but 10 panels are too much to install thereby, you should install 6 panels of 250 watts, they can do a much better job and can work as a backup too. You can run 1-ton ac easily with the help of 6 panels.

For two fans and television together as a set, 6 solar panels are enough of 250-watt power. 6 panels of 250-watt power are enough to run a house on a daily basis.

But if you add more appliances which take heavy electricity load. You may need more panels because energy loads on panels will be too much and your battery may get discharged quickly than normal capacity.

Install 10 panels of 250-watt power for a smooth run of electricity with all appliances including heavy load electric appliances. For 10 panels you will need a battery that is capable of storing that much energy for your place.

How To Measure Energy Produced By Solar Panels?

You will need to do some maths to calculate the electricity generated by solar panels. There is a formula to measure electricity which is converted from solar energy into electrical energy.

How to measure solar panel output

Solar panel watts x avg hours of sunlight x 75% = daily watt-hours. For example, If you have 300-watt panels and you get 6 hours of sunlight per day.

300 watts x 6 hours x .75 = 1350 daily watt hours=

1350 / 1000 =1.35.

You will be producing this much energy which is shown by calculating the energy in this manner. This formulated value is average and may vary by some watts.

Solar Panel Installation As A Business

It is a great opportunity for such business in recent times because people and major companies are installing solar panels to save energy and show value to nature and increase the company’s value in the market.

How much do solar panel installers make depends on the location and quality of work they provide. There are expensive and affordable models are available.

Installation charges can also be applied from the installation company. In the USA, solar panel installation charges start from $10,000 and the total setup can be charged is $30,000.

This is a type of business that will stay profitable in the market for a long period with less investment and great returns. If you tie-up with a major company for the installation of solar panels then you can earn around $40,000 per contract which is a life-changing opportunity for the seller.


I hope you will get the answer to your question (How To Make Your Own Solar Panel). Installing a solar panel is efficient and affordable. You will save money in comparison to regular electricity modes. You can easily run a house on basic solar panels set up with a good battery and inverter.

For business purposes opening a company is a great opportunity in the present time as this industry is making profits and will make profits for the next 20 years according to the research.


  • How many watt solar panel do I need?

You will need 6 panels of 250-watt energy with a good battery.

  • How much does it cost to install a solar panel?

It will cost around $10,000 – $30,000 for you and it’s including installation charges.


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